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Edge is the accessible, AI-powered, end-to-end solution that allows you to create campaigns, track data, and automate payments, using data to power your influencer campaign planning - all in one place.

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What can Edge do for you?

Quick campaign creation.
Automated data tracking and analysis.
Easy, fast payments.

How does Edge deliver?


Edge Sandbox - a drag’n drop agreements builder

Grab a block, tell us the rules, tell us the output, we’ll manage the rest. Sandbox is super easy to use - anyone can run a sophisticated and automated influencer campaign.

Trigger payments automatically upon completion of campaign actions

Complete an action. Receive a payment. With Edge, you can automatically pay for completed actions from your talent - saving your business time, money, and effort. All fully compliant and ID checked.

All your data - in one place

Edge has powerful data analytics built into the platform that tracks your historical campaign performance. You can glean meaningful insights and adapt your campaigns to get the most out of your investment. From choosing the right influencer for the campaign to optimising the language they use, what time of day they should post, and with what hashtags.

Enable total digital transformation

Less micromanaging, more automation. Edge is the time saving, transparent, and cost-effective solution to the complex world of influencer marketing.

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True data

Real-time Data Tracking

Edge provides you with real-time analytics to track campaign performance and drive agile decision making.

Social and game data integration

Edge is for influencers and gamers too, optimize your performance with our data insights.

Campaign Reporting

See how the campaign performs from start to finish, and in a single click, download a dynamic and detailed report.

Global Payments

Payments and payouts

Send money anywhere in the world faster and more cost-effectively.

Identity verifications

We know the pain of navigating regulations. Let us lift the load by doing identity verification for you.


We support multiple currencies in over 237 countries.

Smart Agreements

Sandbox engine

The reimagined way of creating smart contracts with today's influencers and creators.

Automatic progress tracking

You can see what level of the campaign has been completed, from start to finish.

Comprehensive influencer data history

Track every post, every comment, every influencer you have ever worked with. Optimise your campaign's ROI with Edge.

Meet the team

Led by a 17-year-old described by Forbes as “the next generation of Computer Science”; a former Nintendo global leader and an international sports lawyer, Edge is the home to a global, diverse team of individuals unified in their ambition to re-invent the world of e-commerce.

Adam Whyte

Founder & CEO

7 years sports lawyer, 3x founder. Vegan activist. Esports evangelist.

David Yarnton

Founder & Chairman

Ukie Esports Chairman, Advisor to British Esports Association, Ex-Director of Gfinity and Ex-MD of Nintendo UK & Ireland for 17 years.

Scott Hiett

Founder & Head of Engineering

At just 17 years old, Hiett has been hailed by Forbes as “the next generation of computer science”.

Josh Kneale

Senior Platform Engineer

Beach bum turned engineer. Hope to be able to write code underwater one day.

Matthew Holmes

Platform Engineer

BSc in Computer Science, specialising in AI & Reinforcement Learning. Experienced Full Stack Engineer.

Rhys Maughan

Platform Engineer

Makers Academy Alumni and software engineering hobbyist.

Tamás Bogdán

Platform Engineer

Take it I studied civil engineering, I can build both tunnels and SSH-tunnels.

Alistair Smith

Platform Engineer

Programming from a young age, passionate for clothes and code. Audiophile & VR lover.

Robert Westbury

Platform Engineer

Programming since seven years old.

Benjamin Akar

Designer & Platform Engineer

19-year-old self-taught Software Engineer and Designer from Oslo, Norway. Loves gaming, pasta and innovative tech.

Zahi Njeim

Business Development Manager

Masters in Esports Business, Industrial Engineering, Online Media Expert, and YouTuber.

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