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Edge is your one-stop influencer management platform — built by creators, for creators.

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What can Edge do for you?

Edge is the accessible, AI powered end-to-end solution that allows you to create campaigns, track data and automate payments using data to power your influencer campaign planning - all in one place.

Edge Analytics

Hindsight is 20/20, except with Edge. See how your talent and content campaigns are performing, all in real-time.

Edge Campaigns

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Everything is easier with Sandbox. Just drag and drop simple blocks for killer automated campaigns. Build your campaign and let your influencer management sidekick look after the rest.

Everything Automated

No more screenshots, follow-up emails, and never-ending Zoom calls, we look after the boring stuff so you can focus on your campaign performance.

Brands & Agencies

Edge makes it easy to manage and mobilize your influencer campaigns


Automated Content Validation

Bye-bye screenshots. When your influencer completes a post, our automated campaign validation software lets you know - like right away.

Data That Matters

Running multiple campaigns with multiple influencers is a headache, right? Edge Analytics allows you to compare metrics across different influencers, channels, and campaigns.

Influence at Scale

Supercharge your campaigns and use Edge Campaigns to send agreements to an unlimited number of influencers, all at once.


Word on the street is influencers and content creators have a new best friend, Edge.


Privacy Protection

We know your data is very important, so we have removed the need for brands to use your login details to see your content's performance. All the data brands need will be available through the Edge platform.

Know Your Value

You have access to the same stats dashboards that your agency or brand partner does, helping you measure your own personal brand’s value across all of your social media channels.

Automated Payments

Coming soon

The Edge platform will automatically validate when you post the agreed content, and then you automatically get paid. For real, just like that.

Enable total digital transformation

Less micromanaging, more automation. Edge is the time saving, transparent and cost effective solution to the complex world of influencer marketing.



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