We’ve rebranded and here’s why

You may have noticed that Edge is looking a little different. It’s new year, new us as we’ve undergone an entire brand rebrand.

Why did we Rebrand?

Our old branding served its purpose for Edge 1.0 but it became clear that our old logo, brand colours, and look and feel needed to change. It was somewhat outdated and positioned more towards what might be appropriate for an esports team rather than an esports SaaS platform.   

Big things are coming from Edge this year and we wanted our brand to fully encompass our ambition, our product, and where we want to be. So we worked hard to develop our company strategy and vision to create a brand with meaning.

Our logo

Our old logo:

Edge old logo

Edge old logo

Our new logo:

Edge new logo

Edge new logo

Gone are the blocky letters, odd letter kerning, and pointed stripes. And in its place is a logo that’s a lot smarter and more elegant.

The beautiful typography combined with our dots really helps solidify our positioning as a SaaS platform and there’s no mistaking that whilst we’re in the esports industry, we’re not an esports team.

Our brand colours

We’re Edge and we’re bold! Our brand colours and messaging are unmissable.

Edge brand colours

Edge brand colours and messaging

We noticed that a lot of esports brands tend to use heavy earthy colours across their logos and assets and it seems that everyone’s website has a dark background and screenshots from games displayed everywhere.

We’ve decided to use a more modern and fresh colour palette. Our website is clean and you won’t find video game characters in every image we use.

A lot of companies would probably also advise against using pink as a dominant brand colour. Not only does this go against the trend of our competitors but it’s also typically seen as a ‘feminine’ colour. We say that it’s 2020 and the notion that colours are gendered is ridiculous. Edge is progressive and inclusive. We love pink and all of the connotations that go with it.

The future

2020 is going to be a great year for Edge and we have some super exciting things coming up. And we mean genuinely super exciting things and not just corporate speak for ‘bland offerings only the company cares about’.

We’re going to be a lot more active across social media so to stay up to date with esports, see some behind the scenes at Edge, and be notified of our progress, be sure to give us a follow. We’re @EdgeTechGG across everything and we have the links in our footer. 

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