How To Join an Esports Team

Joining an esports team can seem intimidating if you are just setting out on your journey to becoming a pro gamer. However, joining a team can also be a sure-fire way to set your career in motion. 

Becoming a part of a team can allow you to engage with other people who love the same game as you and with whom you can develop your skills and improve technique. 

There are three main ways that a pro gamer can join an esports team. 

  1. Using an online platform which connects players with teams. 
  2. Approaching a team yourself 
  3. Being approached by a team

While the outcome of all three options will ideally end with you joining an established esports team, the steps you will need to take will be pretty much the same. 

As a professional gamer, you will be required to submit information such as:  

Game of choice

Your Game Of Choice. Before applying to become a part of an esports team, you need to be confident in the game you will specialise in. This is due to the fact that most professional gamers mainly focus on one game to ensure that they keep improving in techniques and strategy. 

In-game Performance. Your in-game performance is perhaps the most important information you will need to submit to an esports team representative. 

This will be everything to do with your game stats, such as: 

  • Wins/losses
  • Kills/assists/deaths
  • Matches played
  • In-game achievements
  • Ranking (Weekly, Monthly)
  • Level
  • Ongoing performance 

You may be asked to submit more information or less information depending on which games you specialise in. 

Online Tournament Experience. Esports teams will want to know whether you are serious about competing and whether you have had any experience in a tournament setting. If it’s relevant to your application, you might be required to submit your top finishes in tournaments hosted by companies such as: 

  • ESL Gaming
  • DreamHack 
  • Gfinity Esports
  • PPL (Paladins Esports)
  • vVv Gaming
  • MLG (Major League Gaming) 

Social Reach. In order to successfully join an esports team, most professional gamers set out to grow their presence online so that they can reach as many people as possible with their content. 

This means that you should be active on platforms such as; Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, Discord and more. When you show this information to an esports team representative, they will check that your data and reach is authentic. 

Teams will also want to make sure that they are signing on a person who is guaranteed to grow their personal following so that the team will benefit too. With Edge, you can also have the opportunity to integrate all your social media feeds into one handy platform, allowing you to show authentic, real-time statistics to team representatives. 

Steps To Take Before Joining An Esports Team

If you have already received an offer to join an esports team, congratulations! Receiving an offer can be an amazing opportunity for a budding professional gamer to further your career.

Before you sign your contract, there are a few key details that you should check to make sure that your rights are protected as a professional gamer. 

Research the team. Before you join, spend some time researching the other players on the team you wish to become a part of. This is to make sure that your goals and content are aligned with other team members. 

It will be far easier to be on a team with people who are like-minded to you as you will be spending a lot of time practising with them and coordinating with them during competitions. 

You can do your research by reading articles on them, watching live streams, contacting them personally, watching their performance in competitions and looking at social media feeds.


Make you sign a legitimate contract. Although reading through contracts may seem uninteresting, it is very important to make sure that you are signing onto a completely legitimate. 

You don’t want to make the mistake of signing onto a team with a templated or random contract as very often, these contracts are not applicable to each individual’s circumstance. This might mean that you may lose out on a number of things, such as frequent payment, reasonable commitments and fair treatment within the team. 

If you are concerned about your contract, don’t be afraid to speak out! 

For younger gamers, reach out to your family or other trusted sources for advice on what to do. Regardless of your age, it will certainly be helpful to get some legal advice about a contract before you sign. Alternatively, you can use platforms such as Edge who cut out the need for lawyers by providing completely transparent contracts which cut out all the legal jargon so both parties can know exactly what they are signing. 

Understand what the team expects from you. Each esports team will have their own expectations and requirements from their team players. Before you sign a contract, remember to check what your obligations will be to the team. 

Your contract may ask you to commit a set amount of time towards content creation, practice and other mandated appearances. If you are not able to work to these terms, or if you feel uncomfortable with the requirements it is not recommended to become a part of the team right away. Be sure to raise any concerns before you sign a contract as it may become difficult and expensive to change this after you sign on. 

If you have further questions about joining an esports team or would like to know more about how Edge can help you in the path to becoming a pro gamer, please contact us today. 


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