Call of Duty Season 5: Everything you need to know!

So Call of Duty season 5 is finally upon us, introducing much-needed improvements to major drop locations within the map, new weapons, new maps for multiplayer and a train? I managed to spend some time playing season 5 and have some opinions based on what has changed thus far.

Call of Duty Season 5 gameplay

Our esports specialist, Erik Sjösten and myself spent just over 4 hours streaming Season 5 as soon as it dropped. We looked at all the new Warzone map areas, the new train mechanic, exploration of the new loadouts and weapons, checked out the new multiplayer maps, and discussed our overall opinions on Call of Duty season 5.


Stream team bird and sam call of duty season 5 stadiumThis is a much-needed improvement to an irrelevant drop location in Verdansk. Before, the stadium was just a big dead zone dome, with its only benefit being to camp on top with a sniper or hide with a most wanted contract.

The area was a good idea initially but clearly lacked any sort of enticement for the player to drop here, the place had potential, yet the initial execution of the area was poor. Stadium definitely needed some TLC within this season. The stadium is now huge with 4 tiers worth of chaotic battle, a good rival to superstore, which is very much a favourite spot to land for most players. The loot is plentiful and there’s a lot of fun to be had, with different angles to land and dominate over other players within the area, and the two hidden locked rooms requiring an access key to get in just adds to the list of things to do in this area, easter eggs are always fun right? Stadium has now become a viable drop point with loot, fighting and easter eggs, three things that all Call of Duty Warzone players love. 

Train station interior

An unexpected surprise was the addition of the interior to train station, a pleasant addition that greatly improves the area. Much like the stadium, the train station was a part of the map that had poor execution, only really offering a good sniping spot and alongside the sparsely separated loot, it was another area that hadn’t really been fleshed out enough. The inclusion of the interior gives the player another level to traverse and a whole lot more concentrated loot just offers more incentives for the player to land there to loot up. Train station has become a great viable option to drop with more players dropping into the area making it a better spot for both loot and combat. Overall I like it, a lot.


Stream team bird and sam call of duty season 5 trainThe train had me so excited when I first saw the reveal. Now, of course, it’s going to be a hyped-up trailer so I was expecting this to be a little exaggerated in comparison to the real thing. The train felt threatening, something you wouldn’t want to be near as it tore through an SUV on the reveal trailer, what we got, however, was a 10mph moving loot spot. Again I look at this as a rushed concept, something that needs fleshing out. Currently, it doesn’t change the way you’d play the game. It’s no quicker than a car and doesn’t really offer anything loot wise that you couldn’t find elsewhere. End of the day there’s no real reason for it to be there, it has no purpose.

If Call of Duty was to implement contracts where you had to control the train for a certain period of time for the player to receive rewards, or have different speeds where the train starts and stops to get you to traverse the map quicker, even just add shield turrets on it to mow people down as you move through areas on the map. Overall it needs something that will invoke fear into other players, something that makes them think ‘uh oh the train is coming we don’t want to get gunned down or run over’ or ‘let’s go hold the train for 2 mins and get the loot reward’ because other than it being new, there’s no real reason or incentive to go to the train, and that’s sad.

Exterior ascend 

A small feature that only really offers an upside to navigation throughout the map, an extra way up buildings, especially in areas such as Downtown, gives the player another alternative to assault as a team. An overall general improvement on the game however small it is.

Mini royale 

An introduction to a more chaotic version of the normal mode that Warzone offers, Mini royale puts you and 77 other players in a 3rd circle scenario, and pushes more combat quicker, stopping that mid-game slump that people tend to have as the game dies down. This mode is great if you want consistent fast-paced action and high kill games.


Stream team bird and sam call of duty season 5 harbour multiplayer map4 new maps have been introduced across different game modes in ground war, gunfight, and general multiplayer. Petrov oil rig was the best out of the two regular multiplayer maps offering wider areas of combat with less indoor spaces and constriction, something that Suldal harbour seemed to be more so of. With the release of maps across all varying game modes shows that Infinity Ward still cares about releasing Quality content that is free. Gunfight is always an enjoyable game mode to play with friends if you want to test your competitive skills in a 2v2, and livestock just adds to that map list to get stuck into. Ground war map is Verdansk Airport and it’s just a chunk of the warzone map, not the most exciting thing for players wanting to play ground war, as it’s not exactly anything we haven’t seen before, rehashing the warzone map is just a little boring at this point.


Whenever new weapons are released now I always review them based on if they will be successful within warzone, as realistically speaking, this is where they’re going to be used the most. New weapons from the start are never amazing from the start, yet the iso was just simply poor throughout and with the little time I used it, it was drastically worse than all other smgs and a serious graft to make the weapon even viable for multiplayer. It needs to be thrown in the garbage. As for the An-94 I’m unsure until it’s fully unlocked but there could be some sort of potential.

Overall thoughts on Call of Duty season 5

Overall season 5 is a welcomed and needed update to the Warzone map to keep things fresh and avoid stagnation for a lot of players who have been playing since its inception. There are some minor improvements to be had with the train but I’m sure they will come over time. Multiplayer is still as enjoyable as it was previously, and hopefully, the midseason weapons are an improvement on the ones we got at the beginning of this season. If you do want a more in-depth insight into the season, check out our podcast episode where myself and our esports specialist, Bird, talk about all things COD season 5.

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