The BEST streaming platform to use in 2020. A Streaming platform comparison.

Which game streaming platform is right for you? We hope our streaming comparison gives you insights into the pros, cons, and how to make money on Twitch, YouTube Gaming Live, and Facebook Gaming.

Twitch: Top Choice for Gamers

Twitch is the most popular game streaming platform. The Amazon-owned site hosts just over 7 million streamers as of July 2020. Twitch is not as large as its competitors, but it consistently outperforms in terms of engagement. In fact, the company reported 22.7 million daily active users (DAU).

Twitch statistics 2020:

Hours streamed: 197.2 million 

Hours watched: 5 billion

(As of 2Q 2020. Source: Streamlabs, Stream Hatchet)

How to make money on Twitch:

Subscriptions are available to Twitch Affiliates and Partners. To become a Partner or Affiliate, you have to meet certain requirements such as total minutes broadcast over the previous 30 days and have at least 50 followers. Twitch Partners and Affiliates receive 50% of the total subscription fee, which comes in $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99 increments.

Fans can buy virtual Twitch currency called Bits. These are used to “cheer” on your channel. Streamers can choose how many Bits it costs to cheer, up to 30, and get paid about 1 cent per Bit spent on their channel. Twitch Partners also share ad revenue.

Pros: Twitch is where people primarily go to watch gamers, so you don’t have to compete with the latest funny cat video. However, the site is also home to other types of live streams, so you can get creative. Throw in a cooking segment or show off your exercise routine if you want.

Cons: You will compete against about 7 million other streamers, so make sure people know about your channel. Earning money on Twitch is a full-time job. You have to be consistent and keep streaming, even if no one watches you.

YouTube Gaming Live: Chasing Stars


Google retired the dedicated YouTube Gaming app a while ago, but its gaming channel is still going strong. The platform recently signed exclusive streaming deals with Jack “CouRage” Dunlop and Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter in a bid to compete with Twitch.

YouTube Live comes with several features such as premieres and third-party tools to add interactive elements for your fans.

YouTube Gaming Live Statistics 2020:

Hours streamed: 16.8 million

Hours watched: 1.5 billion

(As of 2Q 2020. Source: Streamlabs, Stream Hatchet)

How to make money on YouTube Gaming Live:

YouTube Partners are eligible to receive a cut of ad revenue from their streams. Content creators split ad revenue 55/45 with Google and get paid through a linked Google AdSense account.

You can also earn money through membership perks and channel features. Super Chat, for example, lets viewers pay to have their messages highlighted during a live stream. Creators can sell merchandise, as well.

To get into the YouTube Partner Program, your channel needs 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months, and 1,000 subscribers. 

Pros: A lot of people use YouTube every day, so there is a large audience just waiting to find you. YouTube is part of Google—a bit of SEO can go a long way in helping the search engine. YouTube provides several helpful tools, instructions, and resources to build and edit your channel.

Cons: YouTube favours the most popular streamers only, and chooses curates its own Gaming channel. Being featured and qualifying to monetise your channel can become an uphill battle. Also, streamers fight monetisation issues all the time due to copyright claims. Navigating how much of a game you can show (cut scenes, music, etc.) can be tricky.

Facebook Gaming: Streaming on the Rise

Facebook Gaming has experienced significant growth over the past year. The platform might continue the upward trajectory with the launch of a dedicated app, as well as a partnership with the ill-fated Mixer.

Hours streamed: 6 million

Hours watched: 822.4 million

(As of 2Q 2020. Source: Streamlabs, Stream Hatchet)

How to make money on Facebook Gaming:

As with the other streaming platforms, gamers can earn money on Facebook Gaming but only once they’ve achieved certain requirements. Streamers earn revenue through fan subscriptions and qualify once they’ve obtained 10,000 followers or 250+ Return Viewers. Also, they have to achieve one of the following in the previous 60 days: 50,000 Post Engagements, 180,000 watch minutes. 

Pros: Streamers get 100% of fan subscription revenue if made on a desktop and 80% if made over a mobile device. Facebook Gaming is still fairly new, which means you can get in on the ground floor. The app is easy to stream your favourite mobile games.

Cons: Facebook Gaming doesn’t offer much in the way of exclusives. Discovery features are still rough, as well, making it harder for people to find you, even when they know what to look for.


Live streaming creates a connection with your viewers in real-time. It also reduces the time you spend in post-production so you can concentrate on what you love. Consistency is vital to your success as a streamer, but it can also be the most frustrating part. Be patient, try new things, and keep at it!

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