Imagine a world where every gamer received every penny they were owed. Imagine a world where you signed top talent and never had to look at their contract again. 

Imagine a world where every tournament ran without hitch. 

Welcome to Edge

We provide the gaming & esports industry with contractual and commercial stability.

Edge is the first-ever platform providing intuitive technology that automates payments and contracts for gamers, teams, leagues and brands.


2.5 B

gamers worldwide


year on year growth

$180.1 B

global games market



Edge Contracts are binding, dynamic & automated:

  • Payments linked to verifiable data points
  • No manual observance of obligations
  • Dynamic terms that reward performance



Edge Contracts automate payment of:

  • Salary & prize money
  • Sponsorship & influencer fees
  • Digital assets (skins, in-game currency, etc.)



Edge Contracts pull in-game, tournament, and social data direct from their source.

Edge users have certainty over the identity and previous performance of the users they wish to engage with because contractual terms are stored in an immutable database.



We’re built on 30 years of gaming, 25 years of sport and 20 years of tech.

But who are we really? Meet the major players taming the Wild West esports industry.

Our two founders met at an esports event back in 2018. Adam and David bonded over contracts and payment processes realizing that together they could revolutionise the esports industry.

That was just the beginning.

Take a look at their history.

edge team member David Yarnton

David Yarnton

Founder & Executive Chairman

GAMING, Ukie esports Chairman, Advisor to British esports Association, Ex-Director of Gfinity and Ex-MD of Nintendo UK & Ireland for 17 years

edge team member Adam Whyte

Adam Whyte

CEO & Founder

LEGAL, 7 years sports lawyer including to Seville FC and Manchester City, Ex-Head of esports & Gaming at Goat and esports Advisor to EStars and Robonetica

edge team member Jess Houlgrave

Jess Houlgrave


CEO and founder of shEOS
Co-founder of Codex Protocol
Ex-Private Equity
Forbes 30 under 30


Our Senior Management Team and their expertise reflect the diverse market segments that we operate in.

They exist to give you the edge. Get to know them here:

edge team member Chris Chaney

Chris Chaney


Founder of Infinite Esports (owners of Overwatch team)
Investor and Board Director at We Are Nations and Player 2 Studios
Forbes 30 under 30

edge team member Adrian Webb

Adrian Webb


Founder of Adeki Performance Management
Chairman of LAB Digital Agency
NED at GoCompare

edge team member Martin Prendergast

Martin Prendergast


COO of nDreams
Director Founder Institute
Former CEO Concorde Solutions