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Brand / esport influencer collaborations: can 1+1 = 3?

The world of videogames can be a complex and confusing area to explore and make sense of as a marketeer. However, the rise of esports has acted as a bridge between brands and the world of videogames and sports. Nowadays, brands can collaborate with esports influencers in unique and exciting ways to reach new audiences from a different perspective. This is enabling the creation of cutting edge, never before seen collaborations which are so much more than the sum of their parts.

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Viva la difference- welcome to the wonderfully diverse world of gaming communities!

The world of gaming is now so mainstream and ubiquitous that you can literally find anybody in those metaverses. Nowhere else do people from so many different backgrounds come together to play, create communities, share and of course compete.

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How Fortnite is revolutionising the marketing world

Video games have evolved drastically over the last ten to twenty years. A new generation of online gaming platforms has changed the way users interact in the digital world, and with it, the way we do marketing.

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Covid has changed the way we consume entertainment and the Euros are no different.

Football is a massive part of popular culture that even prestigious events like the Euros, are not only dominating the traditional channels, but they have also reached the esports world.

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Live-streaming is the next frontier of influencer marketing

Brands have opted for traditional media or mainstream digital channels like Instagram when creating their social marketing strategy. However, that landscape is changing. Research shows that in 2021, 73% of marketers report that they were going to assign a larger part of their marketing budget to influencers.

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