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Edge makes it easy to manage and mobilize your influencers.

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Automated Content Validation

Bye-bye screenshots. When your influencer completes a post, our automated campaign validation software lets you know - like right away.

Data That Matters

Running multiple campaigns with multiple influencers is a headache, right? Edge Analytics allows you to compare metrics across different influencers, channels, and campaigns.

Influence at Scale

Supercharge your campaigns and use Sandbox to send agreements to an unlimited number of influencers, all at once.

Easy setup, with great support

Hindsight is 20/20, except with Edge. See how your talent and content are performing, all in real-time.

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Intelligent Influencing


The 21st-Century Shift


How Edge works


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Lets Make Your Influencing, Intelligent

Edge is the one-stop influencer management platform—less process, more progress: smarter influencer marketing.

Still Doing Things the Analog Way?

We feel your pain; we're here to lift the load and make influencing easy.

Micro Influencers Overwhelming?

Want to access the power of micro-influencers but can't keep track of all of them?

Screenshots a Pain?

Are you tired of chasing down your influencers for screenshots of their posted content?

Too Many Emails?

Trying to use multiple influencers for your campaign but having to email agreements to them one-by-one eating away your soul?

Incoherent Data?

Is every platform giving you different numbers for the same metric?

ROI a Mystery?

Do you want to show your boss the ROI on your last influencer campaign but can't see the data you need?

Too Much Overhead?

Do you have to pay someone to chase influencers for content validation and banking details?

The Future Belongs to Intelligent Influencing

Your smartphone is more powerful than the computer that guided the Apollo mission to the moon. So why does the influencer marketing industry still run on analog?


We’ve Seen the Future

It should be smart, fast, simple. That’s why we’re on a mission to help people operate more intelligently. Because when you’re connected, you’re in control and when you’ve got data, you’re influental.

How is Edge Making Influencing Intelligent?

We purpose-built Edge to automate the boring stuff. So you can get on with awesome influencer campaigns.

Real-Time Data Tracking

Real-time analytics so you can track campaign performance and drive agile decision-making.

Campaign Reporting

See your campaign's performance from start to finish in just one click. Download a dynamic and detailed report.

Payments and Payouts

Coming soon

Send money anywhere in the world faster and more cost-effectively.

Fully Customizable Data Displays

See the metrics that matter most. Find the data that you need, not just what a platform wants you to see.

Edge Campaigns

Coming soon

Use Edge Campaigns for your Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channels. Create a campaign for all your channels, at any scale.

Comprehensive Influencer Data History

Track every post, every comment, every influencer you've worked with. Optimize your campaign ROI with Edge.

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Common questions

Do influencers have to pay to use Edge?


Built by creators, for creators, isn't just a cute PR line. Edge is free for influencers and creators alike.

Which social media platforms does Edge support?


Edge's API integrations allow you to use Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Don't see the platform you're looking for? Let us know!

How do I know which pricing plan is for me?


Our plans are to pay as you grow and change based on the number of influencers you need to track. Still not sure which plan is right for you? Ask Jack!

Want to see more?


Check out our page full of FAQs

Ready for smarter influencer marketing?

Want to see the Edge platform in action? Book a demo with Jack and ask him we built Edge to help you connect further.



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