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Word on the street is influencers have a new best friend, Edge.

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Know Your Value

You have access to the same stats dashboards that your agency or brand partner does, helping you measure your own personal brand’s value across all of your social media channels.

Automated Payments

The Edge platform will automatically validate when you post the agreed content, and then you automatically get paid. For real, just like that.

Privacy Protection

We know your data is very important, so we have removed the need for brands to use your login details to see your content's performance. All the data brands need will be available through the Edge platform.

Faster Campaigns

You only have to sign up for Edge once, meaning less hassle for you and your brand or agency partner, faster campaign start times, and more time to focus on content creation.

You Need an Advocate

Some have described influencing as the wild west of marketing. Someone has to have your back.


No Fake Friends


What Makes Edge?


Get Started

Get Discovered, Get Paid

Influencer marketing takes two to tango. We want you to succeed just as much as we want your campaigns to be awesome.

Still Doing Things the Analog Way?

Screenshot Headache?

Tired of your brand/agency partners chasing you for screenshots of your posts?

Pay Discrepancy

Ever gotten into a sticky situation about your pay or proving you posted the requested content?

Confusing Contracts?

Ever been sent a long agreement filled with legal jargon that you don’t understand?

Let's Get You Connected

Always free for creators, always in your corner.

More Opportunity to Create

You're passionate about creating; let Edge handle the boring stuff.

Get Discovered

Whether you're just starting your influencer journey or reaching for stardom, signing up for Edge allows more brands and agencies to find you.

Ending Ambiguity

Ever had trouble proving your content has been posted? Ever had your brand/agency partner refute your post. Edge is looking to end that.

Only Sign Up Once

Once you sign up for Edge, you never have to go through the process again, meaning faster start times and more time to focus on creating.

Safely Stored Data

Rather than sharing your data with each brand or agency you work with, we safely store your data on our non-accessible cloud.

Influencing for Everyone

Unlike many of our competitors, you don't have to have a minimum number of followers to join. With Edge, everyone's an influencer.

Easy Campaign Agreements

Out with the old complicated agreements filled with legal jargon. Edge Campaigns sends you an agreement that everyone can understand.

Healthier Partnership

Less micromanaging, less ambiguity, more progress. The Edge platform makes things easier for you and your brand/agency partner.

Time to get Creating!

You're probably over listening to us brag. Let's get you signed up, discovered, and creating.


Common questions

Do creators have to pay to use Edge?


Built by creators, for creators, isn't just a cute PR line. Edge is free for creators and businesses alike.

Which social media platforms does Edge support?


Edge's API integrations allow you to use Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Don't see the platform you're looking for? Let us know!

How do I know which pricing plan is for me?


Our plans are to pay as you grow and change based on the number of creators you need to connect with. Still not sure which plan is right for you? Ask Jack!

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