Edge Esports and Platform Announce a New Strategic Partnership

By Mike Barnes

November 15, 2018

Platform and Edge Esports, are partnering up ahead of Platform’s grand opening. Platform will launch a new 3000sqft. venue in central London and Edge will be connecting Platform to prospective partners and delivering deals for their exciting brand.

Platform will be a hub for gamers and esports enthusiasts to play games, hangout and participate in a variety of live events. Think Bounce or Flight Club but for gaming and esports.

The high-end facility will feature: a esports podium for high-level PC competition, high-speed internet, comfortable console booths, a streaming booth and racing simulators.

Edge are helping brands to access Platform’s anticipated 100k customers with daily product interaction, as well as retail, content production, events and marketing activation opportunities.

For additional information contact tomaso@playwatchbe.com or adam@edgeesports.gg