Edge Esports And The Esports Company Announce A Strategic Partnership

By Mike Barnes

November 24, 2018

Edge Esports, based out of London, England and The Esports Company, based out of Zürich, Switzerland, have been working together over the past few months and are pleased to announce their strategic partnership. The companies’ shared  intent is to provide one another with business and esports information and contacts to support the growth and quality of their businesses and esports across the globe.

Adam Whyte, CEO and Founder of Edge Esports, stated “The Esports Company have demonstrated their commitment to player welfare and delivering value for their audience and sponsors. Last year, I attended the FIFA Interactive World Cup Final – now the FIFA eWorld Cup – at London’s Central Hall Westminster and 12 months on we are delighted to partner with the events organiser to help them connect their audience to brands.”

The Esports Company has been very successful as the lead agency organising the FIFA eWorld Cup since 2010. As they grow we aim to provide them with high-level strategic and commercial support helping to grow their success as we have done with our other partners. The Esports Company will host the FIFA eWorld Cup final from 2 -4 August 2018 in London.

Edge Esports is a recently launched startup with over 30 years of gaming, 20 years of tech and 10 years of sports experience. Our mission is to create a safe ecosystem for gamers, teams, leagues and brands to connect using our network, expertise and proprietary technology.

The ever-growing world of esports is overflowing with new companies and members of the community looking to make their mark. The partnership between Edge Esports and The Esports Company brings together veterans of the industry who have been continually working to improve esports, establishing a higher level of professionalism across all aspects of the industry and  making it more accessible to brands and the wider business community.

“The Esports Company has been working within the esports industry for the last 8 years. Never in this time have we come across a more knowledgeable and experienced company willing to do whatever it takes to enhance esports. The Edge Esports team has been around since the beginning of the esports boom. Combining our companies experience we will be able to support esports culture and expand the industry as a whole.” – Jakob Schaetz, CEO and Founder of The Esports Company

The partnership is bringing together two companies whose main focus is to continue to grow and make a meaningful and scalable impact on the esports industry.