EDGE Platform Launch

By Mike Barnes

June 4, 2019

What is the news?

Edge is excited to announce the launch of their technology platform that uses smart contracts to automate contractual obligations and payments, helping to circumvent legal disputes for the gaming and esports ecosystem.

Edge started as a leading esports agency and consultancy based in London, United Kingdom. Edge has been connecting gamers, teams, leagues and brands and bringing new esports & gaming IP to market since inception in May 2018.

Adam Whyte, a sports lawyer for 6 years and now Founder and CEO of Edge said, “Esports is the wild west: unpaid player salaries, prejudicial contracts, and prize money isn’t distributed. We founded Edge because my Twitter and Discord were overwhelmed with requests from players and teams who hadn’t been paid their salary or received their prize money. They had little judicial recourse and a vague understanding of the intricacies of contracts.”

This commercial and contractual instability poses a risk for brands interested in size of esports and gaming as an industry. Adam Whyte continues, “The instability and uncertainty of esports is scary for brands. Navigating this minefield is intimidating and poses a brand protection risk. Only at the highest level, do stakeholders have lawyers for contracts, accountants for invoices, managers for prize money, and agents for partnerships. Edge will unite these service providers and make contracts, payments and data accessible to the entire industry.”

Edge enables the dynamic creation and management of contracts for all members of the ecosystem. Using the latest in smart contract technology Edge automates payments including salaries, prize money and sponsorship fees. Contractual obligations and payment terms, can be automatically verified using real-time integrated data feeds. This gives certainty to tournaments organisers and publishers that prize money is fairly distributed.

Chris Chaney, Co-owner of Houston Outlaws, active esports investor and US Esports Advisor to Edge said, “Non-payment of player salaries and distribution of prize money is the number one issue in the esports industry. Adam’s background in sports law and his passion for esports, together with the rest of the team gives Edge a unique competitive advantage in bringing this much needed platform to market and I’m excited to be a part of the team.


Brands will have access to a verifiable database of gamer information – in-game performance, social reach, and an Edge Rating – where their ability to deliver the pre-agreed terms of a contract or its performance can be predicted by our platform.

David Yarnton, Executive Chairman of Edge and ex-Director of Gfinity Ltd. said, “I have been working in video games and esports for over 30 years. The size of the video games market continues to grow, it’s now bigger than the movie and music industries combined and esports represents the pinnacle of this marketplace. I cannot overstate how desperately our industry needs professional services. Moreover, the world has changed since contracts and invoices were invented hundreds of years ago. Edge provides the tech in a gamer-friendly platform to provide our ecosystem with commercial and contractual stability.

The Edge platform will launch on 4 June 2019. Partners, customers and investors should get in touch with info@edge.gg for more information.

For press enquiries please email: press@edge.gg For information about Edge or to work with us, please email: info@edge.gg