Meet the Team – Edge

Bringing Influencing into the 21st-Century

Your job is hard, and our goal is to simplify it. You deserve the most powerful influencer marketing platform. On a mission to be the world's most progressive, diverse, and data-powered company, you deserve Edge.


Our Principles


Edge brings transparency and data to fuel business decision making.


From a human and a machine perspective.


Built for creators, by creators.


Unconstrained by traditional thinking, we’re creating life changing business technology.


We are friendly, open and diverse; a global platform from SME to multinationals.

The Crew

Our purpose, the thing that gets us all out of bed each day is to unleash the power of data and human imagination to create a new 21st-century business culture for you.

Adam Whyte

Founder & CEO

7 years sports lawyer, 3x founder. Vegan activist. Esports evangelist.

David Yarnton

Founder & Chairman

Ukie Esports Chairman, Advisor to British Esports Association, Ex-Director of Gfinity and Ex-MD of Nintendo UK & Ireland for 17 years.

Scott Hiett

Founder & Head of Engineering

At just 17 years old, Hiett has been hailed by Forbes as “the next generation of computer science”.

Crissy Nuttall

Product Manager

Daughter of a software engineer, Crissy has always had an interest in start up culture and revolutionising dated industries.

Josh Kneale

Senior Platform Engineer

Beach bum turned engineer. Hope to be able to write code underwater one day.

Matthew Holmes

Platform Engineer

BSc in Computer Science, specialising in AI & Reinforcement Learning. Experienced Full Stack Engineer.

Rhys Maughan

Platform Engineer

Makers Academy Alumni and software engineering hobbyist.

Tamás Bogdán

Platform Engineer

Need a tunnel? What about an SSH-tunnel? Tamás, a civil engineer turned software engineer, has you covered.

Alistair Smith

Platform Engineer

Programming from a young age, passionate for clothes and code. Audiophile & VR lover.

Robert Westbury

Platform Engineer

Programming since seven years old.

Benjamin Akar

Designer & Platform Engineer

20-year-old self-taught Software Engineer and Designer from Oslo, Norway. Loves gaming, pasta and innovative tech.

Zahi Njeim

Business Development Manager

Masters in Esports Business, Industrial Engineering, Online Media Expert, and YouTuber.

Jack Sanderson

Sales Manager

Jack has worked in the London tech start up community for the past 7 years, drawing on a passion for taking new, paradigm shifting technologies to market. He enjoys sports, walking and mindfulness.



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